Urban art gallery for artists from all over the world. Artist owned.

We are the no 1 urban art gallery in Scandinavia. We have the pleasure to work with some of the leading artists in our genre such as  BATES, INKIE, BLADE, SIGRID FAHLSTRÖM, MUM, RUBIN415, OTTO SCHADE and PEZ

We are listed in Graffiti Art magazin Le Guide De’l’art Contemporain Urbain. Our online shop is open 7 days a week, 24 hours!  If you desire and wish to buy contemporary URBAN ART, GRAFFITI ART & STREET ART you are in the right place. Simply buy online here http://www.urbanartroom.se/shop/ We also do events and pop ups on a regular basis and believe in supporting young talents. Don’t forget to follow us on FB  Twitter or @urbanartroom on Instagram to see what’s up.